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What Do Our Customer Say?

  • school people

    Heber Springs School, USA

    "...deterrent that has helped us manage student vaping"

  • stkatherines small2 circle

    St. Catherines College, UK

    "...great company, cost-effective vape detector!"

  • person packing vape detector

    Amazon Packing, USA

    "...a huge asset to ensuring our employees are on the job."

  • schoolvapedetectors

    Christian Life Center, USA

    "We are very thankful for this product and are planning an expanded use..."

  • vape detector

    Skatelands of America, USA

    "...they are working good!"

  • vapedetectorschool

    Sam Rayburn School District, USA

    "...about to order some more."

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Who Needs a Vape Detector?

  • school vape detectors


    Required by school administrators for school restrooms, school bathrooms, sports facilities, toilet areas, and wash rooms.

  • condo vape detector

    Landords & Tenants

    Required by (a) landlords to confirm (or prevent) tenant vaping or smoking, (b) tenants to confirm neighbors vaping or smoking.

  • hotel image

    Hotels & Business

    Required by hotels, casinos, and private/public facilities to alarm when vaping or smoking is occurring.

  • vape detector for home parents


    Required by parents to track children vaping or smoking behavior. Usually used by parents with suspicions.

What is a Vape Detector?

A vape detector is an electronic device that detects vape smoke and provides a quantitative value to indoor accumulated vape emissions. Vaping emits propylene glycerol particles and is detectable using PM2.5 PM sensor technology.

  • leaf weed image

    Vaping Smoke

    Detecting vape smoke used in disposable and rechargeable vape products.

  • person vaping cartoon

    THC, CBD & Nicotine

    Detecting THC, CBD, and nicotine in glycerin, propylene glycol, and vape juice.

  • molecule image

    Vape Particulates

    Detecting using a laser scattering super sensitive sensor.

How Does a Vape Detector work?

A vape detector incorporates laser scattering sensor technology that allows the detection of vape juice particulates that are suspended in the air. These particles are emitted by vapes, and other illicit inhaled products. Laser scattering is the most sensitive and reliable way to detect vaping.

vape detectors work

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