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Vape Detectors on Amazon (new for 2024)

Yes, vape detectors are available on Amazon. We are happy to report that Forensics Detectors was the first company to be allowed by Amazon to sell and distribute Vape Detectors. Our Vape Detector sold on Amazon is our Wall Mount version that is perfect for Schools, Homes, Hotels, and Landlords. As of 2024, the price of the vape detector on is $595. However please note, that it is cheaper to buy the unit direct from the Forensics Detectors website since Amazon charges a 20% fee to sell on the marketplace.

The problem is that Amazon restricts the word “vape” and therefore when one searches for “vape detector” on Amazon no useful vape detector product appears. Instead, generic smoke detectors and air quality products are presented to the viewer. Therefore special permission is required to be obtained by Amazon to sell and distribute Vape Detectors on the Amazon USA marketplace.

What Do Customers Think?

There have been various customers reviewing the Vape Detector for Schools with positive feedback.

  • So I was looking for a product that I could use wirelessly and monitor vape activity at the school I work. Fortunately, this product does exactly what I am looking for. It has brackets so it is attached to the ceiling and sends notifications when vape activity is detected. I would recommend this to anyone else to use and will be purchasing more in the future. Cheers
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What is a Vape Detector?

A vape detector is a device that is designed to detect the use of electronic cigarettes or vaping devices. These detectors can be installed in schools, public places, and other buildings to monitor the air quality and detect any vaping activity. Some vape detectors are designed to emit an alarm or alert when they detect the presence of vapor or smoke from e-cigarettes or vaping devices. They can also be used to track the location of vaping activity and identify individuals who are violating anti-smoking policies.

Who is Buying Vape Detectors?

We are seeing mostly school administrators purchasing vape detectors. They are mostly selecting these based on word of mouth or undertaking detector testing and then choosing their vape detector preference. For schools and customers that are on a very tight budget, many are opting for the hand-held vape detector option.

Is This Vape Detector Compliant?

Yes, it is.

We have the FCC ID and all certifications for the Vape Detector FD-VAPE-WALL have been obtained.

Are Vape Detectors for Schools Sold on Amazon?

Yes, they are.

Most customers purchase this unit and use it for school applications. Also, some use it for monitoring employee activity and other occupants to ensure vaping does not occur where vaping is prohibited.

Vape Detectors for schools to be installed in bathrooms and restrooms are sold on Amazon.

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What is the Price of Vape Detectors on Amazon?

The price of a vape detector on is $595. It is cheaper to buy the unit direct from Forensics Detectors since Amazon charges a 20% fee to sell on the marketplace.

Are Vape Detectors sold in Other Countries on Amazon?

Our research shows that only the USA Amazon, that being is the only marketplace with Vape Detectors sold.

What Kind of Vape Detector is the most popular on Amazon?

The most popular model Vape Detector on Amazon is the FD-VAPE-Wall which is specifically made for schools, hotels, businesses, homes, casinos, and large areas where people mostly congregate.

Engineered with schools, homes, and hotels in mind, this detector can be easily mounted on any wall or ceiling. It is sleek and unobtrusive, and it can be programmed to send an email or text alert to a designated smartphone when triggered. That means no matter where the landlord is, they can be quickly and reliably notified when vaping is detected on their property.

What is the Price of a Vape Detector on Amazon? Are they cheap?

To check the price of the Vape Detector on please go here.

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Are There Any Affordable Vape Detectors on Amazon That Are Suitable for Home Use?

In 2024, some of the highest-rated vape detectors on Amazon include the Vape Detector, the Halo Vape Sensor, and the SmokeBuster 2000. These devices have received positive reviews for their accuracy, ease of use, and advanced features such as real-time alerts and mobile app integration.

Are There Any Affordable Vape Detectors on Amazon That Are Suitable for Home Use?

Yes, Amazon offers a range of affordable vape detectors that are designed for home use in 2024. Some popular options include the VapeAlert Home Edition, the Puff Detector Mini, and the VapeSpy Portable. These devices typically cost less than $100 and offer basic features such as adjustable sensitivity, visual and audible alarms, and compact, discreet designs.

Can I Find Vape Detectors on Amazon That Are Specifically Designed for Use in Vehicles?

Yes, in 2024, there are several vape detectors on Amazon that are specifically designed for use in cars, trucks, and other vehicles. These devices, such as the VapeTracker Car Edition and the SmokeStopper Auto, are compact, easy to install, and can be powered through a vehicle’s 12V outlet. They are ideal for parents who want to monitor their children’s vaping habits while driving or for rideshare drivers who want to ensure a vape-free environment for their passengers.

Do Any of the Vape Detectors on Amazon in 2024 Offer Subscription-Based Monitoring or Cloud Storage?

Some of the more advanced vape detectors on Amazon in 2024 do offer subscription-based monitoring and cloud storage services. For example, the VapeGuard Pro and the Halo Vape Sensor both come with optional monthly subscription plans that provide access to real-time monitoring, customizable alerts, and secure cloud storage for event logs and data analytics. These services can be particularly useful for schools, businesses, or property managers who need to keep track of multiple devices across different locations.

What Should I Look for When Reading Reviews of Vape Detectors on Amazon in 2024?

When reading reviews of vape detectors on Amazon in 2024, there are several key factors to consider. First, look for reviews that mention the device’s accuracy and reliability, particularly in terms of detecting different types of vape aerosols and minimizing false alarms. Also, pay attention to comments about the device’s ease of installation and use, as well as the quality of the manufacturer’s customer support. Finally, consider the reviewer’s specific use case and whether it aligns with your own needs, such as home use, vehicle use, or large-scale monitoring in a school or business setting. By taking these factors into account, you can make a more informed decision when selecting a vape detector on Amazon in 2024.


Good news. Vape Detectors are now available at a reasonable cost on

A vape detector is a device that is specifically designed to detect the use of electronic cigarettes or vaping devices and is often used on school premises. These devices are typically installed in restrooms, hallways, and other common areas where students may attempt to use e-cigarettes or vaping devices.

The vape detectors are designed to monitor the air quality and detect any vaping activity. They use sensors and algorithms to detect the presence of vapor or smoke from e-cigarettes or vaping devices. When the device detects vaping activity, it can send an alert to school administrators or security personnel, who can then take appropriate action to address the situation.

The goal of installing vape detectors in schools is to discourage using e-cigarettes or vaping devices, as well as to enforce anti-smoking policies and ensure the health and safety of students and staff.


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