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Vape Detectors are used to detect smoke emitted from vaping, smoking, weed, and other illicit items that may be smoked in a school, work, home, or public-private building.

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Best Vape Detector for Schools (2023)

The best and most affordable vape detector for schools is made by Forensics Detectors (USA). It is a vape detector that is designed for schools, hotels, landlords, and parents to deal with the vaping pandemic.

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Vape Detectors on Amazon (new for 2023)

Introduction Yes, vape detectors are available on Amazon. The problem is that Amazon restricts the word “vape” and therefore when one searches for “vape detector” on Amazon no useful vape detector product appears. Instead, generic smoke detectors and air quality products are presented to the viewer. What is a Vape Detector? A vape detector is …

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Vape Detectors for Landlords

Introduction It’s all well and good for homeowners or schools or hotels to be concerned with detecting vape usage, but what about the people who own or manage those properties? Should landlords be concerned with vaping on their properties? How could landlords even go about monitoring this behavior? Fortunately, there are easy-to-use and highly effective …

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Vape Detectors for Home

Introduction Vaping has become a popular way for nicotine or cannabis users to get their fix. Vapes are marketed as safer for the user and bystanders, but this is not necessarily true. Addictive substances are dangerous regardless of delivery method or manner of exposure. So, is there a way to know when and whether someone …

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Vape Detectors for Schools

Vape Detectors for schools are a new item that is gaining much popularity. Vaping has become an increasingly popular activity among young people, especially students in high schools and colleges. Many school districts have implemented policies to curb the use of vaping products on school grounds. However, with the advent of new and more sophisticated vaping products, enforcing these policies has become increasingly difficult. This is where vape detectors come in.

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How Do Vape Detectors Work?

Vape detectors do indeed actually work. Considerations such as location, detector type play important roles in detecting vaping.

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What Can Set Off A Vape Detector?

Vape detectors are able to sniff when somebody is vaping but can also false alarm when there is dust, humidity and other aerosols in the air.

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Can Smoke Detectors Detect Vape?

Smoke detectors can detect vape when the vape smoke is dense enough. However not sensitive for early warning detection.

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Vape Detectors for Parents

Introduction Parents have nothing but the best interests of their children at heart. There is decades’ worth of research and published guidelines about smoking and similar drug consumption methods, but vaping is comparatively new. Research is still being done on e-cigarettes, dab pens, and heat-not-burn vape devices and the effects they have on their users. …

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