vape detector

Handheld Vape Detector

A simple, accurate vape particulate, vape smoke detector that indicates air quality for home, work, vehicles, or other occupational spaces. Excellent for immediate point sampling and detection to detect vape, cigarette smoke, and e-cig smoke. Model: FD-VAPE-HAND

  • Small and Easy to use. Turn ON and Go.

  • Li-Ion battery with USB recharging, over 24 hours of operation.

  • Employs an advanced PM2.5 laser sensor (0-1000 ug/m3).

  • Simplest vape detector with intuitive operation.

  • Price: $295 + Free Shipping (USA)

School & Hotel Vape Detector

This is our premier model for schools, hotels, casinos, and landlords to provide a discreet and unassuming vape detector. Sometimes also purchased by parents to monitor children vaping. The unit uses the famous TUYA smartphone app to provide cell phone data tracking, graph trends, and alarm notifications. Model: FD-VAPE-WALL

  • Phone App Notifications (Free)

  • Discreet and Unassuming Design

  • USB 5v power for easy low voltage installation

  • Employs an advanced PM2.5 laser sensor (0-999 ug/m3).

  • Price: $495 + Free Shipping (USA)

vape detector for schools
Industrial Vape Detector

Industrial Vape Detector

This is our rugged vape detector made to deter and be used in extreme conditions environments. The unit detects PM1.0. PM2.5 and PM10 provide the ultimate vape and smoke detection capability. The units can communicate via 4-20mA output and have relays that are tripped when alarm threshold levels are exceeded. Perfect for industrial bathrooms or congregation areas. Model: FD-60-VAPE

  • Deterrent Design

  • PM1.0, PM2.5 and PM10 Particle Vape Detection

  • Easy Installation

  • Most sensitive detection platform

  • Price: $895 + Free Shipping (USA)