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Vape Detectors for Schools (update 2024)

Vape Detectors for schools is a new issue that is gaining much attention. Vaping has become an increasingly popular activity among young people, especially students in high schools and colleges. Many school districts have implemented policies to curb the use of vaping products on school grounds. However, with the advent of sophisticated vaping products, enforcing “no smoke and no vape” policies has become difficult. This is where vape detectors come into the story.

Why do Schools Need Vape Detectors?

Vape detectors are a great tool for schools to help enforce their vaping policies. By being able to detect the presence of vapor particles, school personnel can better monitor and regulate usage in the school building. This can help prevent students from using vaping products in places where they are not allowed. One of the drawbacks of vape detectors is that they can be expensive to install and maintain. Schools need to consider the cost of purchasing and installing the device, as well as the ongoing cost of maintenance and upkeep.

Schools need vape detectors for several key reasons:

  1. Enforcing No-Smoking Policies: To uphold policies against smoking and vaping on school premises.
  2. Health and Safety: To protect students and staff from the potential health risks associated with vaping.
  3. Preventing Youth Vaping: To deter and detect early use of vapes among students, which can lead to health issues and addiction.
  4. Educational Environment: To maintain a distraction-free and conducive learning environment.
  5. Legal Compliance: To comply with laws and regulations regarding smoking and vaping in public places, especially where minors are present.

From our experience selling Vape Detectors, once students know there is a Vape Detector in the bathroom, then the instances of Vaping dramatically decrease.

vape detector for schools

What Types of Vape Detectors Are Available for Schools?

Two main types of detectors are useful for schools.

  1. The first is real-time continuously running vape detectors that are typically mounted on a wall in bathrooms, restrooms, and indoor areas. These units detect extremely small amounts of vape smoke and report any suspicious activity to the user’s smartphone via alerts.
  2. The other is a handheld vape detector for spot checking, to confirm if somebody vaped in an indoor area.
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School Bathroom Vape Detector

How Effective are Vape Detectors in Detecting Vaping in Schools?

Vape detectors are very sensitive particulate smoke detectors – they are 100 times more sensitive than a regular smoke alarm and employ more sensitive laser sensors. They are not 100% effective in detecting vape smoke since variables such as:

  • the amount of vaping is proportional to the vape smoke
  • ventilation and fresh air exchange rate (ACH), which dilutes the vape smoke
  • the volume of the restroom which increases the dilution of vape smoke

However, they can be effective in deterring students from vaping on school grounds. Vape detectors can detect the presence of vaporized vape juice particulates, and they often trigger an alarm when they sense it. This can serve as a deterrent to students who might be considering vaping on school grounds, as they know they could get caught and punished.

Furthermore, vape detectors can help administrators identify areas where students are more likely to vape and take steps to reduce vaping in those areas. Additionally, vape detectors can provide administrators with data about how often students are vaping on school grounds, which can help them better understand the scope of the problem and develop more effective strategies for combating it.

How do Vape Detectors Help to Reduce Vaping in Schools?

Vape detectors help to reduce vaping in schools by alerting school administrators when someone in a school is vaping, allowing them to take action and discipline the student accordingly. The presence of such detectors also serves as a deterrent to potential vapers, making them think twice about vaping in schools.

What is the Cost of Installing Vape Detectors in Schools?

Vape detectors range from $195 to $895.

Vape Detectors from other manufacturers are double and sometimes triple this range.

The cost of vape detectors can be expensive. Not only one must purchase vape detectors, but many companies charge ongoing fees for maintenance, alarming using the cloud and SMS texting services. The vape detectors we offer do not have any extra costs and all alert functions are free of charge.

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How Does the Vape Detector Alert School Staff?

The vape detector is triggered by a programmable alarm that can be adjustable. Once vape smoke exceeding the preset concentration level is sensed by the vape detector, it will send a notification and alert to the phone app (TUYA) and will notify the administrator.

Are There Any Health Risks Associated with Using Vape Detectors in Schools?


The vape detectors do not pose any health risks and no radioactive materials or dangerous materials are within the product.

How Often Do Vape Detectors Need to be Serviced?

Some vape detectors require annual calibration and maintenance, we the detectors from us, we employ laser scattering which is a solid-state method of detecting vape smoke and as such, do not require any calibration.

Can Vape Detectors Detect Other Substances Besides Vaping?


The vape detector laser sensor can detect all particles greater than 2.5 microns, which means it can detect smoke from all illicit substances such as THC, CBD, Nicotine, vape juice, vape salt juices, glycerol, propylene glycol, cigarettes, tobacco, hashish, weed, and marijuana.

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Can Vape Detectors Differentiate Between Legal and Illegal Substances?

No, they cannot. They cannot distinguish legal or illegal substances at the moment.


  • Vape Detectors are becoming an important tool for schools to help curb the vaping problem
  • Vape Detectors are extremely sensitive and trigger alerts on a cell phone when a vape event has been detected.
  • Vape Detectors are not dangerous and becoming popular, although they can be expensive to purchase and maintain.
  • Do your vape detector research carefully. Here, we offer simple and easy-to-use vape detectors with no frills. All products are in stock and ready to ship.

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