what does a vape detector look like

What Does a Vape Detector Look Like?

Vape detectors can look very similar to regular smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Vape detectors are typically white, made of plastic, around 5 inches in diameter, do not have a display, no LED alarm, and have vents to allow vape particles to enter the device.

This video shows you what the most popular Vape Detectors look like.

Forensics Detectors Vape Detector

Forensics Detectors has designed a highly popular vape detector. It features a simple and inconspicuous white design with a mesh for vape particles to pass through. The unit is equipped with a single button at the front, adorned with our logo FD. These detectors are intentionally designed to be discreet, with no alarms or sirens. When triggered, they send a signal or notification to a smartphone program called TUYA which controls and monitors the vape detector.

vape detector
Forensics Detectors Vape Detector Installed with Tamper Proof Conduit

Halo Vape Detector

The second vape detector to consider is from Hello Vape Detector. On their website, you’ll find a sleek, white, and inconspicuous design with vents at the front for particle passage. It’s a basic and simple design, easily blending in with smoke or carbon monoxide alarms, making it ideal for ceiling installation.

Halo Vape Detector, a discreet and white device, provides effective vape particle detection. With vents for optimal sensitivity, its inconspicuous design makes it suitable for seamless integration in various environments.

Vape Alarm Detectors A Step Forward In Public Health Policies 1

Verkada Vape Detector

The third is Verkada, another company that offers various models of Vape Detectors. They are low-profile models, round and oval-shaped with multi-sensors. The logo is a simple “V” design, maintaining an inconspicuous look, and these detectors are typically ceiling-mounted.

Verkada’s Vape Detector offers cutting-edge technology with a discreet design, seamlessly blending into spaces. Equipped with multi-sensors and a sleek profile, it ensures effective detection without compromising aesthetics.

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Triton Vape Detector

Triton’s vape detector has a straightforward design with its logo on the front. Vents on the side allow particles to reach the sensors inside. It’s another inconspicuous option suitable for ceiling mounting.

Triton Vape Detector boasts a simple yet effective design with its inconspicuous white exterior, featuring a prominent logo, vents for particle entry, and straightforward functionality for reliable detection in diverse settings.


Zeptive Vape Detector

Zeptive Vape Detector is a rectangular white vape detector with a basic design, devoid of symbols or text. They offer both square and rectangular versions, both designed to seamlessly blend into their surroundings.

Zeptive Vape Detectors present a rectangular, white, and minimalist design. With no symbols or text, these detectors blend seamlessly, offering inconspicuous yet effective vape particle detection for various environments.

ICAS Vape Detector

ICAS Vape Detector combines cutting-edge technology and a discreet design for effective vape particle detection. Its rectangular white unit seamlessly integrates into diverse spaces, boasting simplicity with no symbols or text. With inconspicuous features, ICAS ensures reliable detection while maintaining a low profile, making it suitable for discreet installation in schools, public spaces, and workplaces.

icas Vape detector

Cigarette Smoke Detectors, Weed Detectors

Vape Detectors are also able to act as cigarette smoke detectors, weed detectors, and nicotine detectors.

How Does a Vape Detector Work?

Vape detectors work by using advanced sensors to identify the presence of vaping-related chemicals in the air, such as propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. When these substances are detected, the device alerts school officials or administrators via a mobile app or an alarm system.

Can a Vape detector tell the difference between vaping and smoking?

 Yes, modern vape detectors are designed to specifically detect the chemicals associated with vaping, such as propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. They can distinguish between vaping and traditional cigarette smoking.

Are Vape Detectors Visible or Can They Be Concealed?

While some vape detectors are designed to be visible as a deterrent, others can be concealed or installed discreetly. Concealed detectors may be preferred in certain settings where a visible detector could be tampered with or where a more subtle approach is desired.

Can Vape Detectors Be Integrated With Existing Security Systems?

Yes, many vape detectors can be integrated with existing security systems, such as fire alarms or surveillance cameras. This allows for centralized monitoring and can trigger specific responses, like alerting security personnel or activating ventilation systems when vaping is detected.

Are There Any Portable or Handheld Vape Detectors Available?

Yes, portable and handheld vape detectors are available on the market. These devices are compact and can be carried by individuals, such as school staff or security personnel, to detect vaping in various locations. Portable detectors often have similar features to wall-mounted units but offer greater flexibility in terms of monitoring different areas.

Final Words

Vape detectors closely resemble traditional smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, often sharing similar characteristics. These inconspicuous devices, typically in a white plastic design, approximately 5 inches in diameter, lack displays and LED alarms. They incorporate vents for the intake of vape particles.

Vape Detectors are gaining popularity in schools, bathrooms, and various public spaces. Employees are increasingly installing them in bathrooms and common areas. AirBnB use is also rapidly increasing. It’s important to note that vape detectors, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and even heating and ventilation controllers often look similar. It is very easy to misidentify a vape detector and that is the point, they are specifically designed to be camouflaged remain under the radar, and perform their detection task in silent mode.