Vape Detectors of 2024: Halo, Forensics, Verkada, Triton, and Zeptive

Top 5 Vape Detectors of 2024: Halo, Forensics, Verkada, Triton, and Zeptive

In recent years, vaping has become a growing concern in public spaces, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities. To combat this trend, innovative vape detectors have been developed to identify and deter vaping incidents.

Key Takeaways:

  • Vaping has become a major concern in various environments
  • The top 5 vape detectors in 2024 are HaloForensicsVerkadaTriton, and Zeptive
  • Each of these devices offers unique features and benefits
  • The article will discuss the featuresadvantages, and comparative analysis of these devices
  • The goal of these vape detectors is to create a vape-free environment for everyone

Halo Vape Detector

The Halo vape detector is a highly advanced device designed to detect vaping and smoking incidents in various environments. It utilizes cutting-edge sensor technology to identify the presence of smoke or vapor, triggering an alarm to notify users of possible violations.

The unit is an advanced unit and a great choice for schools that want to integrate advanced features such as noise, vape, temperature, and other physical variables the unit can monitor.

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The Halo vape detector is also user-friendly, with a simple set-up process and easy-to-use interface. The device can be configured to suit specific requirements, including sensitivity levels, alarm settings, and reporting features. This flexibility ensures that the Halo vape detector can be customized to meet the needs of various applications.

The Halo vape detector can be paired with a range of complementary features, including WIFI connectivity, cloud-based reporting, and real-time notifications. These additional features can enhance the functionality and effectiveness of the device, enabling users to monitor and manage vaping incidents with ease.

Forensics Detectors Vape Detector

When it comes to creating a vape-free environment, the Forensics vape detector is aimed at the smaller schools that need a low-cost and simple solution. These are standalone units that send a notification to your phone app. The unit does not require any extra cost for software and uses the free TUYA app to control the Vape Detector. The unit has been sold worldwide in the UK, USA, and Asia.

The Forensics vape detector is equipped with an advanced laser particle scattering sensor that makes it very sensitive to vape and cigarette smoke.

vape detector
Forensics Detectors Vape Detector Installed with Tamper Proof Conduit
vape detector alarm
TUYA App Vape Detector Alarm History (Free Smartphone App)

The Forensics vape detector has a wide range of applications in various settings, from schools to hospitals to airports. Here are just a few examples:

EducationPreventing vaping in classrooms and common areas
Rental, Airbnb, and LandlordsEnsuring a vape-free environment in dwellings
Rental, AirBnB, and LandlordsDetecting vaping in busy indoor public spaces.
HomePreventing vaping at home and tracking children behavior

In each of these settings, the Forensics vape detector can help promote a healthier and safer environment, deterring individuals from engaging in harmful vaping behaviors. And because it is fully automated, there is no need for staff to continually monitor the device, freeing them up for other important tasks.

Verkada Vape Detector

The Verkada vape detector has a sleek design and is equipped with advanced sensors that can detect vaping in real-time. Its alert system sends notifications to authorized personnel, making it possible to take appropriate action quickly. Moreover, it can integrate with Verkada’s comprehensive security system, including video surveillance and access control, creating a holistic approach to safety management. Verkada comes equipped with a battery backup, guaranteeing uninterrupted performance. It’s an excellent choice for schools, campuses, and other public spaces.

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Triton Vape Detector

The Triton vape detector is a multi-sensor device that detects e-cigarettes, tobacco, and THC. It’s capable of identifying vaping incidents even in crowded areas and knows how to differentiate between vaping and smoking, preventing false alarms.


The Triton’s discreet and elegant design makes it easy to blend into any environment, and it’s compatible with Triton’s advanced software, providing online monitoring, analytics, and reporting. The Triton detector can be used in schools, workplaces, and residential areas.

Zeptive Vape Detector

The Zeptive vape detector is a sleek, wall-mounted device that is compact and easy to install. Its sensors can detect subtle changes in air quality, identifying vaping within seconds. Zeptive comes with customizable alert settings that can be adjusted to the specific needs of its users.

Additionally, it can integrate with Zeptive’s management dashboard software, allowing users to access real-time information and analytics. It’s perfect for small offices, retail stores, and other low-maintenance environments.

Comparison Table: Halo, Forensics, Verkada, Triton, and Zeptive

VerkadaTritonHalo Zeptive
NameFD-VAPE-WALLSV233D SenseHalo 3CZVD2200
SensorsSingle Vape Sensor PM2.5 with Temp and RH%Temp, Humidity, Noise, Air Quality, Vape Index, TVOC, PM2.5
Humidity, (VOCs)
PM array
AIQ, health index, CO, CO2, NO2, RH%, PM, temp, TVOC, PM Array, VOC, Temp, Humidity, Noise, Motion
ApplicationsSchools, Landlords and BusinessSchools, campuses, public spacesSchool SafetySchools, Workplaces, Housing, Retail Small offices, retail stores, low-maintenance
Unique OfferingsFREE Real-time TUYA app smartphone useReal-time detection, comprehensive security system integration, SMSMultiple sensor detectionHalo Cloud App, Integration, Custom Sensor Options, Battery Backup, Power over Ethernet, Web and Phone App
Vape Detector Comparison Table

More competition has entered the vape detector market. That is a good thing when it comes to choice and price. However, this means customers must sift through all the various offerings and determine what is best for them…. and that can take some serious time!

Vape detectors are also marketed as cigarette smoke detectors. Some units also include air quality monitors that track air quality and pick up on any anomalies that may be present. Noise and voice is also trending feature that may also trigger bully alarms or violence.

In scanning for reviews of these units, there were many mixed reviews and the best place for reviews is on Reddit where you will find models being praised and others with many complaints.

What Sets These Top 5 Vape Detectors Apart from Other Brands in 2024?

The top 5 vape detectors of 2024 – Halo, Forensics, Verkada, Triton, and Zeptive – are known for their advanced features, accuracy, and reliability. These brands have invested in cutting-edge technology, such as highly sensitive sensors, machine learning algorithms, and cloud-based analytics, to provide the most effective vape detection solutions on the market. They often offer superior performance, ease of use, and integration capabilities compared to other brands.

How Do These Vape Detectors Handle False Alarms and Distinguish Between Vaping and Other Activities?

The top vape detectors of 2024 use sophisticated algorithms and multi-sensor technology to minimize false alarms and accurately distinguish between vaping and other activities. For example, they may use a combination of air quality sensors, particulate matter sensors, and volatile organic compound (VOC) sensors to analyze the specific chemical signatures associated with vaping. Some detectors also employ machine learning to continuously improve their detection accuracy over time.

Can These Vape Detectors Be Integrated with Existing Security or Building Management Systems?

Yes, most of the top vape detectors in 2024, including Halo, Forensics, Verkada, Triton, and Zeptive, offer integration capabilities with existing security and building management systems. This allows for centralized monitoring, alert management, and response coordination. Integration can be achieved through various methods, such as API (Application Programming Interface) connections, cloud-based platforms, or direct hardware integration.

What Kind of Reporting and Analytics Features Do These Vape Detectors Offer?

The top vape detectors of 2024 often come with comprehensive reporting and analytics features. These may include real-time alerts, incident logs, trend analysis, and heat maps showing the locations and frequency of vaping events. Some detectors also offer cloud-based dashboards and mobile apps for remote monitoring and data access. These features allow administrators to gain insights into vaping behavior patterns and make data-driven decisions to address the issue.

How Do These Vape Detectors Ensure User Privacy and Data Security?

The leading vape detector brands in 2024 prioritize user privacy and data security. They employ various measures to protect sensitive information, such as encryption, secure cloud storage, and role-based access control. Many detectors also adhere to industry standards and regulations, such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) or HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), to ensure compliance with data privacy laws. It’s essential to review each brand’s privacy policy and security measures before making a purchase.


Vape detectors play a crucial role in ensuring a safe and healthy environment by detecting and deterring vaping. In this article, we have explored the top 5 vape detectors of 2024, including Halo, Forensics, Verkada, Triton, and Zeptive. Each device offers unique features and advantages, catering to various applications and needs.

Whether you are an educator, healthcare provider, or business owner, selecting the right vape detector can contribute significantly to creating a vape-free environment. From advanced features to comparative analysis, this article has provided valuable insights into the world of vape detection.